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Regina Mundi, first grade 1974. That was right before the fall of Saigon. Barely remembered anything except that the soeurs were very mean when I talked in class (those rulers on the knuckles!)

Anyway, I am living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Would love to get in touch with Dai Trang, Bui Anh Thu, and Vo Thi Anh Thu. Le Anh Thu went to MIT also. There were four (4), count them, Anh Thu in that first grade.

Vo Nguyen Anh Thu (me - MIT '89)
Vo Thi Anh Thu
Le Anh Thu (MIT '90)
Bui Anh Thu (who emigrated to France, I believe)

And of course, there was Dai Trang. She was the one whose dress and hair were always perfect. The bane of my existence since my mother always pointed her out as an example of a proper young Regina Mundi lady. (As you can probably guess, I was the tom boy of the bunch).

So anyone cares to reconnect, I can be reached at

Au revoir,

Suong Mai et Regina Mundi up to 1975.
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