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Many friends have told me bout this site and i never checked it out until a friend sent me the link while chatting, Thanks to u friend and i finally decided to check it out.
Trust me. I have missed my girls and dem. We are always asking for each other cause we care so much. hi to all my classmates and schoolmates. My girls lucillia aka lucy, mecarla shilling ford , bertlyn boy mamselle have a kiks. Bertlyn i miss u so much. i still remember that little note u wrote in my year book.Ghaile laurent, whom i see once in a while, she's always busy, karla, mecarla lantan and not frogetting carlina jules. fisrt time i saw an all girls school had so much carl. lol. And my girl mandy big up to u too. U know that u were the life of our super kool french class with Monsieur Akpa. And samantha who always mocking the man. i had so much fun with u all.
link up and let me know how my girls and dem doing nah.
i am still the same adorable, loving slimmers that u knew. much love to u all.

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