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Hey peeps! Some of my fondest memories are my five years at the Grand Bay Secondary School (now the Pierre Charles Secondary School). As one of the nerds, I was always attention-oriented when it came to my school work and graduated with honours. But, one of the greatest memories are the friends I made. I sometimes feel nostalgic when I think of high school and will never forget the 'characters' I endured company with there. I am now attending state college and hope to further my studies even more. I am the mother of a beautiful miracle baby - Jahclel and his father will always be the love of my heart. My loves are "Computer Science" and "Psychology" and my main hobbies are reading and writing. I believe that one is never too old to learn and I will keep learning till I die. Podemos Tutearnos no? Don't need to be so formal with me - down to earth is what I am!

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