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Moi Girls High School

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No Photo Kangogo, Susan (Kangogo)
No Photo Kanja, Carol (Mak)
This member got married
No Photo Kaptich, LomaLinda (kaptich)
No Photo kariuki, Josephine (kariuki)
No Photo Kariuki, Esther (Esther Kariuki)
No Photo Karoney, Celestine (Karoney)
No Photo Kathure, Risper (Muthomi)
No Photo Keino, Leah (Keino)
Now Kemboi, Lynet (Kemboi)
Now Kemunto, Stella (Onchweri)
This member got married
No Photo kerario, bhoke (naomy)
Now Kerich, Flo (Smith)
This member has kids
This member has kids
No Photo kerubo, verah (ruby)
No Photo Keya, Joan (Bergström)
This member got married
This member has kids
No Photo kilolong, jane (mrs kiplimo)
No Photo Kiluku, Benerdeta (Benta Mwikali Malusi)
No Photo kimutai, elizabeth (kimutai)
No Photo Kinya, Ashley (Kinya Kithinji)
This member has kids
No Photo kipsat, june (kipsat)
No Photo Kipsat, Eddah (Kipsat)
No Photo Kiptui, Anne (Kiptui)
Now Kisia, Robai (Kadanya)
No Photo Koech, Josphine (Jepchumba)
No Photo Korir, Maureen (Cherono)
Then Koross, Rhodah (Koross)
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