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Occupation: undecided
City: Manchester
Member Since: Oct 2005
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About Me

bushe nishi Samusoni asangile ubuchi mu nkalamu iyabola, bushe alile ikalamu iyabola olo nakalimo ubuchi mu nkalamu iyabola????

Schools Attended

1989   message board   Kalulu Nursery  (2)
1992   message board   Central Primary School  (15)
1993   message board   Rokana Primary School  (65)
1996   message board   Matete Primary School  (68)
1998   message board   Mukuba Secondary School  (272)
2009   message board   University Of Manchester  (155)



going out with my pals guitar soccer watching movies

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Favorite Music

bon jovi coldplay creed jimi hendrix michael jackson Mulemena Boys Nirvana P.K Chishala switchfoot

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Favorite Books

A Short History of Nearly Everything And God Made the Integers Angels & Demons Confessional Fools Die Godfather How Economists Explain Maliongo's Adventures Omerta Wordplay

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Favorite TV Shows

The Boondocks The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air The Simpsons The Wayan Brothers

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Favorite Movies

barbershop 1&2 bruce almighty enemy of the state finding forrester national security shawshank redemption the good the bad and the ugly the pursuit of happyness Untouchables usual suspects

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