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Kenya Polytechnic University College

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My opinion

Anne says:

Just appreciate having had the chance to pass thru Kenya Poly, Just realised that many people appreciate people who've studied in poly so much esp. job market.

Hongera to the board and staff at large for producing copetent people to serve the nation at large.

106 months ago

Ruth  says:

poly time was my best time kwani tulikuwa tunachienjoy kabisa, ilitubuild kimasomo

89 months ago

Emmah  says:

The time i was in poly was great to me, it made me who i am today, thanks to poly, long live poly, will live to remember you! Thank God i passed through poly!!

94 months ago

Mr. TOM  says:

A now a city photojournalist ye mean I west my time thinking about the past? No way,even if there was no college bus, what was important is academic, which you're enjoying now.

Wale wana tupa mawe na wana pasua my Cameras wa stop, kwani hiyo kazi ndiyo niyo somea Poly.


95 months ago

Festus  says:

No regrets about this.We are HIBREEDS.GOD had those GOOD gorgeous plans for us to go through "THE KENYA POLICE-TECHNIC". May his abundant blessings fall upon us 4ever.CHEERS BUDDIES and keep the spirit high up above the rest skyscrapping(...but NOT got scrapped out 2gether with that kiddish age).

96 months ago

Andrew  says:

tha only cool thing about kenya poly was tha riots, everything else was crap.

99 months ago

Dennis  says:

I went for an interview with mob jamas from both local and an external university, and interestingly, the Diploma from Poly carried more weight than those other papers!

Word is also out that ex Poly jamas are achievers and a return on investment for their employers.

99 months ago

Nicholas  says:

For sure, poly where my career history bgan is so unique in East,Central and Southern Sahara Africa.
I do appreciate all efforts that the institution has made to make it a recorgnized academic palace.
Actually now with the introduction of degree it will remain unbeatable. Hongera Poly wewe ni kama mama mzazi.

101 months ago

gitaru  says:

Recently i read that soon Poly will be offering degrees too. Thats a very positive development, a huge step forward and for all those who made it possible, am sure the future generation will appreciate their effort. All is not lost , is it?

101 months ago

Nicholas  says:

Oh my man, Gitaru I didn't know you could sound that sobber especially when I brought in the bitter language of politic.
It is good to hear that you loved the institute because I am pretty sure that it has ashare into the model you are todate,if you act as an ambassador to the institute I think it will help solve the crisis of shortage of colleges of Higher learning. just imagine 30 millions against the only five goverment universities so congratulation to poly and the likes because now I can eat bread out of the benefits I got from poly.
Gitaru bye and please forgive me if I ever insulted you in my polical riddles.

101 months ago

gitaru  says:

i was just taking a little trip down memory lane Nicholas. I loved Poly and the time i spent there. I did not have an opportunity to vote but i will always vote for any measure that benefits everyone and not just a few individuals. For me like you said, the future is more important. Am glad that at least the common man had a say in the outcome of the whole issue, it was the wish of the people.

101 months ago

Nicholas  says:

Wewe wacha yaliyopita si ndwele.....yajayo. Something good id good like how .Atleast now the new folks have a bus and this is another credit to the board and staff.
Gitaru you have got it wrong again did you take BANANA it sounds a a a a like somebody who's vomitting tupa mbaya so what pumbavu

101 months ago

gitaru  says:

Yes for sure but do you remember poly was the the only institution of higher learning that did not have a bus to ferry students to official engangements and we had to pay our own fares to a sports meet in utalii. Talk about learning how to survive, poly taught us that. I must agree.

103 months ago

Edwin  says:

You have all spoken the truth............

103 months ago

Margaret  says:

Bravo to everyone at Poly who made us grow!!! Interestingly the poly experience has opened doors for many including myself. Thanx God for That. Take care guys!


105 months ago

Shahid  says:

Well said all....we always knew we were the BEST OF THE BREEED !!!!

105 months ago

Geoff  says:

No one would have said it better than Anne!! To the Admn and Teaching staff...a pat on your backs and to the Old Boys n Ladies...Fly the Poly flag higher.

106 months ago

Miriam  says:

Am also really please that i had to go throgh poly,am building Kenya as well.

106 months ago

Murithi  says:

Anne, That's true. Am quite happy that am an old boy of Kenya Poly. I had a wonderful time at Poly. And now am busy building the nation.



106 months ago
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