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looking for pictures 1961 predro plain primary school

dova ebanks says:

hi all looking for school pictures in 1961 at peddro
plains primary school for my mom back then if there were any her name was dova ebanks back then.

her son
peter falconer

26 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

<b>WELCOME</b> to Grads Peter! You could <b>ALSO</b> place your message on the<i> *PEDRO PLAINS PRIMARY*</i> <b>SCHOOL Message Board</b> as well as CHECK this post, as it could be of great interest to you [as a new member]:


<b>You could also <i>GOOGLE the school</i>, so as to locate the <i>SCHOOL WEBSITE</b>...</i> then proceed from there. Good Luck!


You could get in touch DIRECTLY with the SCHOOL Administrators:
Treasure Beach P.O.
Treasure Beach
St Elizabeth

<b>Phone Number</b>: (876) 965 0188

26 months ago
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