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Only 10,000 signatures required to kick-start the process...

Dr. K says:

Guys please lend your support by signing this petition.
I have been in touch with its authors who informed me that they intend to serve this petition to the The President Mwai Kibaki, President George Bush, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Amnesty International, The Common Wealth, African Union, European Union, The International Criminal Tribunal (Hague) among others.

They only need 10,000 signatures so please lets make it happen.

Ask your family, friends, work colleagues, pen pals etc to sign for the cause of bringing long-term peace and stability to Kenya. (Your life is precious and so is mine! So let us stop this brutality.,,30200-1299082,00.html press play to watch the video clip).

God Bless Kenya.

"Our Justice Minister will act swiftly, if we show a united determination - let us act together"

75 months ago

Sesh  says:

i signed

75 months ago

john  says:

Get your rubbish out of this site u faggot. This is not politics dustbin give us peace why do want to start dividing us. Your coming to far let not start politics forum in Kenya poly GRADUATES

75 months ago
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