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Mweshipandeka High School

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I miss school

Reginald says:

heita to all mweshipandekanians................

I just pop by to say hi to all mweshipandeka students especially those who were there from 1996-2000! damn, i miss dat school man, with the likes of MR GABES, mr John Toivo, da late mr Fabian, Ms selma, ms musima, Tate ndokosho ekse those agriculture gardens,mr kalonga da Zambian funky man, mr Kebby........... mr spoken shiindi, eske tate pastor, mr nyereeeereeeeeeeee, Ms mweutota,ms lempi kaskas Angula and many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, It was great. da most remarkable moment is those days Mr gabes was almost fired and we decided to stop everything and save our beloved principal. It was fun, loving. da worse ever times....Ghosts man around da place..ekse we could sleep. a big thanks to our pastor mweutota who learned us how to pray...ekse we were running that day till prestige....

To all da board members....Good luck with everything.. especially on football and education. everything is declining these days...wuzup? sharp, from kaleke

76 months ago

Diana  says:

Hey that school maan! Mr Nyereeeee Oh God mee Foibe, Ms Puteho, Ms Kaundjwa,Hey Erick,MeeRahja,tate Pastor....tate pastor thanks a lot kao...
Kalipi, Ms Shiweda, Ms Mbongo,,,eeehhhh many more all the best people and God bless you all!
Diana B. Shilongo
12D 2004-2005

56 months ago

Casey  says:

Ha..Ha...Ha...Lol. yes indeed it was the best years of our lifes. Who wouldn't wish to go back even for a day. Loved and enjoyed every moment of being there. I have to say I am very proud to have graduated at Mweshy high. Miss you all. Have a suprice planned for you all. Watch the space!!!! Sebby Ujama Casey Karamatha

75 months ago
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