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Caroline says:

I hate to break it to those of you who don't know but Caroline Muga passed away last Saturday - 20th October and is being buried today - 27th October in Kitale. Caroline was in the Toursim Management class of 2002 /2003 and 2003/2004 and lived in the lady's hostels.
Most of u will remember her as a vibrant person who was full of life and her death truly comes as a shock
At the time of her demise, she was working at Swissport - JKIA. Details of her passing are somewhat sketchy as of this moment but if anyone of u knows what happened, please take a moment to update the rest of us.

Rest in Peace Caroline

78 months ago

Musa  says:

I never knew her!

73 months ago

Caroline  says:

Yeah, Liz I remember the incidence - LOL. I didnt know her very well at that time but after that little "bird jig", she sure looked like somebody worth knowing.

I am having such a hard time believing it!

78 months ago

Liz  says:

Oh guys, this is so sad. She was in janas nation and looked great with her cheeky smile. We were in the same class - the 2003/2004 one. I remember one time in class - Geography or something and the teacher asked what uses we have for birds and Carol shoots her arm right up and goes ahead to say they are used 4 entertainment. At this point she totally had our attention and she says there is an owl in Wyclef Jean's song (cant remember which) and goes ahead to demonstrate - complete with the head shake and it was totally hilarious. That was Carol for you and she will be dearly missed

78 months ago

Liz  says:

This is a shocker to me if not all of us especially those of us who spent a fraction of our lives with her.

Life is too short people. Let's try and keep in touch.

RIP Carol.

78 months ago

Liz  says:


78 months ago
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