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Nkubu Boys High School

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School Website

O'shea says:

Hallo wathee wa 'asiyekunywa Mugasha fame'..I really feel that i would like to know more on what transpires in the school since am Nkubs to the i believe a school website will do.. Someone close to Bwana Ndegwa can float the idea n see whether he will buy into it. If he accepts, then we can assist.I feel the school is undermarketed yet it is the top manufacturer of the best brains n intellectuals in kenya.the site will form a platform where we can discuss issues concerning the school n society in general!...Hail to dear Nkubu and above all Mr.Mbogo 'Buff' for making us what we r now..Wherever he is,we owe him dearly!Lets bring Nkubu to the level it deserves to be...Danke!!!!

82 months ago

Raphael  says:


I was in nkubu a few weeks ago and I talked to Yekini and Shiru. they were asking for help for some bright kids who can not pay school fees. The website idea is great.
I am in the ICT sector therefore i can help i will find out all the details required to put up a website and post it here

71 months ago

Reuben  says:

Mambo Hosea.
Where are you?
The last time is when we know where.
Now, I got a suggestion. Many Nkubs graduates excelled big time after getting the basics from our good school in many areas including web design. My appeal would be to them to assist(I know no damn thing about website creation for real). But I can also assist in kind.And I know that can be real.
By the way, I am happy to hear Ndegwa is the head,which is great(the 6 of the best he visited on my behinds nonwithstanding).

74 months ago

Joseph  says:

I would be interested in assiting Nkubu, any organs in place to solicit support.

78 months ago

O'shea  says:

Robbie, its true, looks like guys wameextend useriousness huko nje...kama ile eti wanasoma novels, notes etc wakiwa outing Nkubu market..ehe
I invited kina Kibe,evans wakili n other guys to join na mpaka saa hii nothing...maybe we pay chip whip Nyaga to whip them in..otherwise i believe either theyr ITphobic or still technologically challeged!!!

81 months ago

Robinson  says:

That a good idea...I hop Nkuberians are taught IT nowadays....Us(Nkuberians) are intellects lakini most are normally ITphobic,,,Just view the no. of registered chaps in this site...Its a shame that we damn few.Ama guys take life so seriously mpaka hawana time ya ku'surf?

81 months ago

O'shea  says:

sema Raiko nakumezea kabisa n feel u.Thx for support.Think we need a mobilization strategy, tusakanye enough kirindi to the school.we would then have asked Ngurwe or whoever brew the best Mugasha to prepare a mugasha cocktail, so that after official stuff, we descend unto him and remind ourselves of those ol' days which we recall with lotsa nostalgia.The only difference would be that we would not be breaking the law since i understand (from unconfirmed sources) that our dear mugasha is one among the local brew to b legalised..However it made more fun in those ol' days wen one talked in whispers, ur mouth in tin,one ear to mastoroz n the other kutegea kama kuna makarao comin'...those were the times,perhaps we can revisit once more...who ain't buy the idea!?i bet even Buff would endorse it..Uria ukarega atemwe 'KIANGA'!!!!ehe..Cheers wathee..God Bless us all!

81 months ago

Eric  says:

O'shea wsup,

Man,long time,hope your doing great.

U idea sounds great,I remember Buff men,he was a headteacher and a half.

Endelea kutuma salaams

82 months ago
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