Masii High School Old Boys Association(Online)

Daniel says:
Hi guyz.Its so funny after we went through one of the very best in Machakos district,we still dont have an old boys association n i thought that we can form one online for those of you who have internet acces.I've mailed this info to Masii High School
116 months ago
stanley  says:
guys has the association formed if so plz let me know i will b happp to join.if not what can we do to form it.sent your views.
58 months ago
Patrick  says:
Are you all in myspace?
86 months ago
Patrick  says:
Funny guys its like you have got nothing to discuss.
87 months ago
patrick  says:
how long is it taking you to start. Send me the proceedings if you`ve already started.
96 months ago
Katuku  says:
Guys this is a good idea. Where do we start?

Katuku Boniface Mutua
103 months ago
Eric  says:
Who is this alex ,you don't go saying this F words everywhere !!! ,Think hard
104 months ago
alex  says:
fuck that
105 months ago
Denis  says:
Hmmm,If u do that, dont hesitate to welcome us.
112 months ago
Eric  says:
good idea bana siupange hiyo samu ivane
115 months ago
Isaac  says:
Good idea, Where to start?
115 months ago
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